The on-line sales site established by the company GENERIC IMPLANTS, which is its operator, lists the following information:

  • Legal notice permitting a precise identification of the company, GENERIC IMPLANTS; 

  • presentation of the essential characteristics of the goods offered;
  • indication in euros (incl. and excl. Tax) of the prices of goods, as well as, where applicable, delivery charges; 

  • indication of the methods of payment, delivery, or performance; 

  • the existence of a right of withdrawal; 

  • the duration of validity of the offer or price.

All this information is presented in French, English and Spanish. The customer declares they have full legal capacity, enabling them to commit to these general conditions.

Article 1 : Application and enforcement of the general conditions of sale

These general conditions of sale are systematically brought to the attention of each buyer to enable them to make an order. 
As a result, the fact of having made an order implies  complete and unreserved adherence of the buyer to these general conditions of sale, with the exclusion of all other documents, such as brochures and catalogues issued by the seller, which only have an approximate value. 
Any condition to the contrary stipulated by the buyer shall not, therefore, in the absence of express acceptance, be binding on the seller, at whatever point it could have been brought to their attention.

Article 2 : Acceptance of the order

The information outlined by the buyer at the acceptance of the order shall be binding on the latter: in the event of error in noting of the recipient’s contact details, the seller will not be held responsible for any failure to deliver the product. 
The orders are only finalised once they have been confirmed by the payment of the buyer’s price. 
Any modification or cancellation of the order by the buyer may not be taken into consideration and the price paid will not be reimbursed. 
The product offers are valid according to the availability of stocks.

Article 3 : Conditions of payment

GENERIC IMPLANTS offer you a comprehensive range of payment options: 
- secure credit card payment, by entering your card number directly into the site. 
- Exclusively in France, it is possible to pay by cheque through the post, made out to GENERIC IMPLANTS, 19 Chemin de la Plaine, Cap Ouest, 69390 VOURLES - FRANCE. 
The order will be sent on receipt of payment

Article 4 : Delivery

The fees for carriage and logistics shall be calculated on the basis of the sum of your order and announced before the confirmation of the order.

For all deliveries outside the current area of coverage, please contact GENERIC IMPLANTS directly.

The delivery will be made within the expected time by the direct transfer of the product to the recipient indicated, and in the event of absence, by notice of delivery. 
The timescales for delivery are indicated as accurately as possible. 
Where delivery dates are exceeded, no liability for damages will be incurred.

Article 5 : Late payment penalties

Any sum, including the deposit, which remains outstanding on its due date, shall  automatically incur late payment interest, equivalent to triple the legal interest rate for the current year, as well as the payment of a sum of 40 (forty) euros due as collection fees.

Article 6 : Retention of title 

We shall retain ownership of the merchandise until the payment of the price by the buyer. Our claim pertains as much to the merchandise as to their price, if they have already been sold.

Article 7 : Receipt

In the event that the package shows signs of degradation or damage:

The client must, on receipt of the package, date, affix their signature and write the note, “Subject to reservations”, by hand. 
In the case where the merchandise is damaged, the client has three working days (excluding national holidays) following delivery to bring a claim against the carrier by registered letter.

Article 8 : Returns – terms and conditions – after sales service

Any return of products is subject to a formal agreement between the seller and the acquirer. 
Any return accepted by the seller, in the case of an apparent defect, or where the goods delivered fail to correspond with the seller’s specifications, will entitle the buyer to a replacement, free of charge or a reimbursement credited to their account, excluding any other compensation or damages. 
For all information, questions or claims, the client may contact the company from Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00 at GENERIC IMPLANTS, 19 Chemin de la Plaine, Cap Ouest, 69390 VOURLES - FRANCE. 
Tel : +33 (0)4 78 81 91 45, or on our site. 
The return of goods is to be carried out at the expense, risk and danger of the buyer (they are therefore advised to insure the carriage of the goods). 
In the event of loss or deterioration of the package, no compensation will be paid to the client.

No return of a product will be accepted if the error was made by the client at the point of ordering. If there is error on the part of GENERIC IMPLANTS, the cost of the exchange will be borne by GENERIC IMPLANTS.

Article 9 : Before/after tax

The goods shall be supplied at the price which applies at the time the order is made. The payment of the price shall be made, calculated as from the point of accepting the order. 
No discount of payment is permitted.

Article 10 : Disputes

Claims or contention will always be received with attentive benevolence, good faith always being presumed for those who make the effort to present their case. 
In the event of a dispute, the client will first of all contact the company to reach an amicable solution. 
Failing this, the French courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.